Who We Are


We are a competitive Ultimate club for Florida State University students. We organize, promote, and encourage the growth of competitive women's Ultimate on campus and in surrounding communities. The club is comprised of players with all skill levels. 


We compete in the USA Ultimate Championship Series as well as numerous tournaments hosted by competing schools. Our goal is to provide a safe and competitive environment for female ultimate players, and to encourage good playing and training habits that allow for enjoyment of the sport for years to come.

Program History


In the Fall of 2008, Deanna Zastrow was told that if she wanted to continue playing Ultimate for Florida State, she would have to start a Women’s club team.  Through mostly word of mouth, girls that were interested began to play pick-up once a week with, DUF, the men’s team. The first women’s practice was held in the late Fall.  About ten girls showed up and worked on their throws for the duration of the practice. 

The team really began to form in the winter of 2009 and the Seminole Ladies Ultimate Team was established. Thirteen girls were present for SLUT’s first tournament, Florida Winter Classic, on January 31-February 1, 2009, in Gainesville.  After getting over the initial nerves, the Ladies began holding off very experienced teams. Later that season, the Ladies played well at Southerns, where they were savage (no subs!) for most of the tournament.  Even more improvement was demonstrated at Tally Classic on March 7-8, 2009, where the team won some of its first games against USF. The Seminole Ladies made it to Sectionals on April 4-5, 2009, where thirteen were present to play their most competitive tournament yet.  They missed going to Regionals by a small margin, but were still very proud of their first season as a team composed almost entirely of new players.

The program continued to gain momentum in the following years, with more women coming out to play and falling in love with the sport. Soon enough there were enough ladies for both an A and a B team. 


Only 6 years after missing out on Regionals in 2009, the 2015 Seminole Ladies won Centex, a nationally significant tournament held every year in Austin, TX. Later that year, the team went on to win Regionals and qualify for their first ever trip to Nationals. Ten years in the making, the Seminole Ladies continue to be a force in the Southeast Region. Come be a part of the SLadies story!



















Femina Perfecta

“[FSU] is rooted in its rich history of being one of the first women’s colleges in the country--and one of the best back then--and on the original seal for the FSCW were the words “femina perfecta” or complete woman. These words and this idea gave rise to our current seal, which has “vires, artes, mores”--strength, skill, character. As a club and program, we always [pride] ourselves on exemplifying the seal and being complete women.”


-Kristin Lloyd

“[Femina Perfecta] is about embracing all of the different qualities of women and celebrating that; about achieving the best version you can be. The great thing about SLUT is that the culture encourages you to be a strong woman in every aspect of your life. The relationships you develop through the organization help you strive to do just that and accomplish balance in your life. Femina Perfecta looks different for everyone, but this organization supports all of those differences and in doing so, the attributes of each player fuse to make a complete and whole team. ”


-Lauren Brooker

“It’s more of a family, I’d say, which is really neat, and that’s the reason I started playing in the first place, was the community.  The Ultimate community is incredibly inviting.”


-Deanna Zastrow



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